It's A Compliment, I Swear
Anonymous asked:
What was your job there? Ur lucky u got to meet so many cool people! Btw ur beautiful ^^

I was in charge of doing some pre party stuff in the boat and then helping artists with things during the event…it was an amazing experience. And thank you

And lastly you guys know how much @andyglassjaw means to me how inspiring and just amazingly down Tom earth he has been every time we run into eachother. We talked about life and how it blows right now but him and his music with @wecameasromans has been helping. Took me almost 2 hours to finally find him but im so glad I did every time he thanked me for the support and just the things I was saying I just wanted I’m be like shut the fuck up I am thanking you I don’t need thanks haha. But really if you ever get the chance meet him you won’t be disappointed he’s truly a special person. #andyglass #wecameasromans #apmas

I got and hang out with part of @wearedangerkids Tyler, Andy and Alex and it was amazing, they are so sweet and if you haven’t checked them out yet you should a special congratulations again to @tyl0rz on your new marriage<3 and @asch_alex your mother is adorable and so so so so so so sweet sweet and proud of you. #dangerkids #apmas #luckyme

Because Ihavent really been talking about it

My boyfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago, and things have not been the greatest for me, im goig through a lot guys, my depression and anxiety has never been worse. things blow right now

Anonymous asked:
You worked at apmas?

Yes I did, I run their New Jersey street team and I drove out there to work it

I met @icet that is all #apmas

While working the #apmas in Cleveland I had the amazing chance to have a long important conversation with Hayley Williams from Paramore. I can not fully express how amazing she was and how thankful I was that she took the time out to really really talk to me. We hugged multiple times I’m pretty sire I cried on her shoulder for a moment and she held my hand the entire time we were speaking. That moment was 11 years in the making and we talked about things going on with mw right now and she just….she is fabulous and now I know why I’ve been a fan since I was 13 years old. #positivity #solucky #paramore #hayleywilliams #apmas #cleveland #girltalk #thankyou

This moment happened and it could not have put a bigger smile on my face. Sometimes my job is awesome. @olobersykes was so sweet and I’m so glad I won multiple awards lastnight. #thankyou #congrats #bmth #bringmethehorizon #olisykes #apmas

#icandothis #fortune

#justwhatineededtohearrightnow #fortune